What is the Slow Food Movement?


In response to the frenzied opening of a McDonald's in Rome's historic Piazza di Spagna, journalist Carlo Petrini and friends founded the Slow Food movement in 1986. They had a strong belief in preserving local cuisine by using local ingredients--in restaurants and home kitchens. This touched such an international nerve, that the movement has grown to over 80,000 members in 100 countries.

Slow Food's Ark of Taste is responsible for recognizing and restoring regional foods that have  been lost over the years.  The southwestern US region is well represented on the Ark.  Slow Food's National School Garden Program promotes the development of school gardens to teach young people where their food comes from, and how to grow, cook, and eat healthy foods.   (For more information on these and other Slow Food initiatives see slowfoodusa.org.)

Slow Food Southern Arizona is the local chapter of Slow Food USA, a division of  Slow Food International. The Slow Food Tucson chapter was founded in 1999. The chapter later changed its name to Slow Food Southern Arizona to encompass the surrounding region  with its growing number of farms providing local and organic  produce as well as  meats,  wine and beer.  We promote the Slow Food motto of Good, Clean and Fair Food For All, and encourage members to patronize our local food businesses who support the ideals of the organization.

Why Join The Slow Food Movement?

Your membership in Slow Food USA supports an organization that shares your values and is working to make a change in how and what the world eats -  the kind of change that you want to see.


At the local level, Slow Food Southern Arizona organizes and hosts events that connect people who are like-minded in their appreciation for good, clean and fair food.  We celebrate local growers and producers, artisanal products,  heirloom seeds and vegetables as well as culinary traditions both local and international.  We partner with other local organizations who are working toward a more sustainable  environment. 

Slow Food Southern Arizona's Board of Directors is dedicating current and future fundraising efforts to providing internships for high school students and Pima Community College students who are enrolled in the culinary arts.

Board Members

Barry Infuso, Chair
Diana Callimanis, Secretary - Treasurer

Susie Zonge

Gretta Siegel


Ryan Clark